SFM Provides Contract Manufacturing Services for Private Label and Custom Formulations

Specializing in liquids, creams, gels, serums and sprays

SFM can accommodate most any packaging configuration. We take on both small run scale-up projects and large volume production.

Whatever your need or the size of your project, we commit to your satisfaction every step of the way.  Our job is to produce the best possible product at the most competitive price in order to make your business successful.  We truly commit to our client's advancement and look to provide long term partnerships that provide sustainability, consistency and profitability.

SFM provides product research, development and manufacturing services in the health care and beauty products segment. We specialize in skin and personal care products, over the counter (OTC) products and nutraceutical supplements.

SFM has over 30 years of combined experience in the formulation and manufacture of nutraceutical supplements, health & beauty products and OTC medications.

Our highly qualified experts and experienced professionals are able to create advanced formulations using the highest quality natural ingredients that are safe, effective and based on the latest in cutting edge research and compounding science.

Our reliable specialty formulations ensure profitability and customer satisfaction, enabling you to compete in the business world with lower volumes and higher margins.

We take pride in providing the highest level of individualized customer care servicing customers worldwide including the United States, Canada, South America, European Union, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Our facility in Phoenix is an FDA Registered, AZ Board of Pharmacy Approved Private Label Manufacturer.