Dr Joe Maniga PhD

SFM's chief  formulator is Dr Nyangenya "Joe" Maniga. He taught at and earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry at Arizona State University where his scientific chemical research focused on natural materials such as oil crops (sunflower, rapeseed, corn, soybeans, wheat) and was directed at discovering beneficial lipid, protein and carbohydrate components of the oil seeds, particularly the Omega components. He obtained his Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry at University of Denver. He received his Bachelor degree from University of Nairobi, majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Math and Computer Science.

After earning his doctorate, Dr Maniga started the companies Life Flo Health Care Products, Allvia Health Care and Nutraceutical Labs. These companies were acquired in late 2006 by Nutraceutical International Corporation.

Dr Maniga subsequently joined Nutraceutical Int. Corp. as Group Vice President for Product Development and Research and eventually became Senior Director of Product Development. He retired from the company in 2017, electing to remain in Phoenix after  Nutraceutical Int. Corp. was acquired by HGGC, a private equity firm which opted to move  the manufacturing operation to Florida.

Dr Maniga is now putting all his talent and energy into growing his own product lines and expanding the Phoenix manufacturing facility, SFM,  which he founded in 2008.

Dr Maniga is among the Who’s Who of Personal Care Products Council, – an umbrella organization for specialists, academics and product formulators.