At SFM we work together to provide you with the best possible product development and manufacturing experience.  We will do whatever it takes to ensure your product is market ready at the most competitive price.

We offer scale-up manufacturing opportunities with low minimums and competitive prices.  We understand what it takes to bring a product to market and if necessary our manufacturing practices can be delivered in small batch, just in time and at a competitive price, which leaves you in a much better position to spend on the marketing and sales necessary to make your product a success.

Our Capabilities Include

Manufacturing and packaging Aerosols, Gels, Liquids, Creams, Lipstick, and Powders .

Shown here are examples of our production equipment for various manufacturing needs.

Mechanized Tanks

Homogenizer Tank

Enables scale up manufacturing capabilities with speed, large volume and efficient and effective production processing.

Multiple size pots

Different capacities Tanks

All Production can be met according to capacity specifications. Different batches are taken care of with their sizes and demands. We have the capability to accommodate those needs with different sizes of homogenizer mixer tanks.


Our cutting -edge aerosol filling equipment and other filling machines ensures precise and efficient product filling, with the capacity to handle a wide range of container sizes and formulas.

Liquid and Gels Filling line

Tube Filling line


Our preparations are produced to pharmaceutical grade specifications under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions using stringently-specified product and manufacturing practices.

We guarantee that the ingredients across all of our product lines are of the highest quality and meet all label specifications. Your business and our future depend on it.

SFM is an FDA Registered Manufacturer.